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How much does it cost to localize a video game/board game?

The rate per word is based on the total source word count and depends on several factors such as the language pair, the type of game, the platform and the deadline.

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Get in touch with us if you want a free and non-binding estimate.

Do you offer discounts for repetitions?

We believe this standard – which is mainly drawn from the automotive and technical translation industry, which are more prone to redundancy – is not really relevant to game localization because of its creative nature and the prime importance of context in translation.

An obvious example to illustrate this would be the endless possible translations of words as trivial as "play" in Polish, depending on the context in which it’s used.

Additionally, Latin languages, such as French, Italian and Spanish, are not so flexible with word redundancy as English.

Some repeated iterations of a sentence in English may need a completely different translation depending on the context, or who the subject/speaker is (gender, singular/plural issues, formal/informal way of address).

Even if the context is the same, the translation may have to be changed for stylistic reasons. There is afterthought involved in the process, which entails work that cannot be done free of charge.

For these reasons, we will only agree to discount repetitions if you can confirm they are 100% used in the very same context.

Do you charge a minimum fee?

Our minimum project management fee is €30.00, which is aimed at covering the time spent preparing your project’s files, brief and delivery.

We do not charge any other minimum fee. For instance, a 5-word localization job will cost you 5 words x €0.XX for each language + project management.

What currencies and payment methods do you accept?

Level Up Translation SAS being based in France, you can pay us using wire transfer in euros if you’re in the SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area).

For all non-euro/non-SEPA payments, we use TransferWise.